Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to School

And back to routines. We started school 2 weeks ago but our school does this awful thing called, "phase in" for the first 2 weeks. This is where they start out only going an hour a day the first day, and every day they add in time until, finally, after 2 whooooole weeks, we have built up to a full day of school. Its a pain in the butt and makes it impossible to have a normal schedule, but I understand why they do it - to ease the kids back into things and to reduce childhood stress and all that. Great.

Anyways, today is finally the first day that we have a full day of normal schedule. So Audrey's at school and the boys are napping and I'm....alone?!! This is awesome! I have cleaning and laundry and work to do but it won't hurt to drop a quick update here will it?

Audrey is enjoying school so far this year, although she's a little sad that 3 of her friends from last year aren't there this year - one went to Kindergarten and 2 are now homeschooled (very conservative families at this school!). But she's talking a lot about several other kids in her class so hopefully she's making some new friends and adjusting just fine. She's still very enthusiastic about school so that is comforting to me.
JJ goes two days a week for a few hours each morning. I also signed up Nathaniel for their "mommy and me" class once a week so today was our first morning of that. It was nice to get to sit back and watch Nathaniel (and JJ, since he tags along with us!) explore the classroom and kind of go off without me. I mostly just watched them, though I did help them along with some things as well. I'm looking forward to watching the boys grow together this year. Audrey and JJ are like two peas in a pod and sometimes I feel like Nathaniel gets excluded. I mean obviously a large part of that is due to him being only 15 months old, but I also think JJ and Audrey are really close and I just want Nate to have a part in that as well. Currently JJ won't play with him at all, although Audrey does. Her maturity plays a part in that as well of course..
I am hoping to kick up my real estate business this fall now that summer is over and I can get some time alone while the boys nap to get things done. We'll see how that goes. I am interviewing a new babysitter tomorrow, so fingers crossed that this one works out. It seems every time I find a sitter something happens with their schedule and we end up losing touch after one time sitting. If I could only find reliable childcare, I could maybe work some more! We have a lot of things coming up that we could use an additional income for, and I'm ready to be working!

Audrey's birthday is this week so I do have some things to go work on for that! Here's to writing more often this year ;)

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