Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

One of the perks to our neighborhood is that they put on big events throughout the year. At Christmas, they did a little festival with s'mores, carriage and train rides, Santa, and even a little shopping. It was so fun! So when I got word of the Easter Egg Hunt, I knew we wouldn't be let down! 

The kids each got to hunt for eggs with their age group (one group at a time) which was a god-send for me since I took them by myself (Josh was working). Nathaniel went first and obviously the eggs weren't really hidden for his age group. He was confused at first but caught on quickly and gathered a dozen up pretty fast! Then got to work eagerly opening the eggs to get to the candy. :) 
Joshua's group was next..this was a little trickier because he still needed my help in the crowd, making sure he didn't get lost, get in a fight, or take more than his share of eggs. The hard part was trying to do that while also keeping Nathaniel from taking more eggs or running off somewhere. It was chaotic for a few minutes but we all made it out OK!
Audrey waited so patiently for her turn and by the time they blew the whistle for her group to go, she was off! She must have been the first kid in her group to gather her 12 eggs, haha. She was sprinting and was serious about this job! I think she just wanted the candy...and the chance to say, "I was first!". LOL
Next we went over to the clubhouse to see the Easter Bunny but the line was way too long to stand in with Nathaniel. Instead we headed into the lounge room for donuts and juice. Extra surprise were the cups of jelly beans the kids (quickly) located. Lots of sugar and all before 10am!! 
Outside they had a small area set up with baby animals that the kids could look at and even touch and hold! Audrey had some eggs in her classroom that recently hatched into baby chicks, so this was extra special for her. She kept telling the boys how to be gentle when holding the babies and other cute little tips. All three kids were extra giddy when the baby goat started "bleating". It was so cute! Made me consider for a split second moving to the country where we could have baby farm animals. And then I was like LOL NO. 

It was a chilly morning and Nathaniel wasn't feeling well, so once we had made our rounds to all of the attractions we headed back home. Nathaniel took a wonderful 2 hour nap and Audrey and Joshua ate waaaaaaay too much Easter candy! A good time had by all. :)

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