Monday, June 28, 2010

Ocean City Vacation

Just the two of us…but not for long! We took our last vacation alone (at least for a while!) this past weekend to Ocean City. We rented this really cute little condo that was one block from the beach and had a beautiful view of the bay and the sunset. We got in late Thursday night and got up Friday morning with no plans! We had a minor issue that first day - the electricity was out for about 6 hours so we had to pack up all of our food in the cooler, and we decided since we didn’t have AC we would go ahead and hit the beach. We spent a few hours there, enjoying the hot sun and cold ocean water. I had to sit under the umbrella a lot because I didn’t want to get burned, but despite my efforts I still got pink. After an afternoon nap, we hit the boardwalk and got some boardwalk fries. What a disappointment! The boardwalk wasn’t as cool as I remember it, and the fries sucked. I guess things just aren’t as you remember them, huh? Plus, the fries were so salty that I felt dehydrated for the rest of the night. :( We made it an early night and just enjoyed the evening on the couch watching tv, then got up early Saturday morning for another beach day! We spent most of the day on the beach…reading, chatting, taking dips in the water, and building a sand fortress. We even got to listen to the World Cup on our radio! Then we sought out an awesome all you can eat crabs place and had some delicious crabs and corn on the cob. I even got a “mocktail” - virgin strawberry daquiri. It was cute and fun.

stuffed from the crabs!!!

Enjoying some delicious Maryland Blue Crabs

Playing in the sand!

View from the top…

My bump at 27 weeks (almost 7 months!!)

He got sooo sunburned from this!!!

We had an absolutely wonderful trip and can’t wait to make it back to Ocean City again next year with our little family of three. Next Up: We are headed down to the Virginia Beach area to visit our friends Denie and Kristie in July, so we are looking forward to getting to hit the beach one more time this summer. After that, we’re pretty much just gearing up for the arrival of our little baby Falcon. Whooooo where did this time go???

I am 27 weeks right now and have an appointment this coming Thursday. Everything is pretty much smooth sailing lately, nothing new to report. I feel the baby moving around very often - in the morning, a little after lunch time, and then all evening. I think the baby must be in the head down position because it feels like she is trying to poke her way out of my uterus by way of my bladder. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but what I’m trying to say is that I feel a lot of movement down low. It kind of hurts a little, but it still makes me pause and smile every time I feel it. We are taking our tour of the hospital next Wednesday, and I can’t wait! I am so excited to see the rooms and ask all the questions I have. Then, we should be starting our Bradley Method birth classes the following day, which will last 10 weeks. In other news, I’m still not getting cravings!!! I was really looking forward to making Josh get out of bed to make me some crazy sandwich or something, but no. Nothing. Although, a friend did point out that I am eating two bowls of cereal a day, so maybe you could call that a craving. A craving I’ve had my whole life….

That is all for now, I suppose. I will update with anything new that happens at the doctor this week! Hopefully it will just be another routine appointment though. I had another dream that the baby is a girl - that is the third and none for boy. Unfortunately, this dream also had little Audrey being delivered 11 weeks (about 3 months) early. So that wasn’t a good part of the dream, but seeing my baby girl was. I can’t wait to see her again soon. In the meantime, I’ll be patient and settle for my dreams.

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