Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Finally the weather has become warmer! I'd like it to be much warmer - high 80's to low 90's - but I'll take these 75 degree days. In the evenings, we have been having dinner on the back porch. We just bring the high chair out there with us and Audrey enjoys her food while we enjoy ours. We have started giving her more solid foods. First I gave her toast and ripped it into strips for her to hold and eat as she pleased. Being able to feed herself was entertaining for her, but she didn't actually swallow much (if any) of the toast. This week we started giving her Cheerios. Its so cool to watch her reach for them and grab them with her open palm. The concentration on her face is adorable, and when she finally gets the Cheerio in her mouth she chomps on it with her little gums. So funny. Josie loves it too, because it means she gets the leftovers that fall (or are thrown) to the floor.

After dinner we go for our evening walk. Audrey sits in her stroller looking at all the trees, the cars, the sky. She heard a plane two nights ago and I took that opportunity to talk to her about airplanes for the first time, pointing to the sky and watching it go. She was very impressed until a car drove by, and then it was all about the car. We have three tot lots in our neighborhood, so we try to take Audrey to the swings every day. She just LOVES swinging. I was recently irritated about condo living and how we couldn't hang a swing anywhere, and then I realized (duh) that we have swing sets with toddler swings. It must feel pretty cool to a baby to be swinging. New sensations and all. Being a baby is fun, I bet.

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