Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Show

Audrey's daycare hosted their annual art show on Friday. I knew they did art projects with the kids pretty often, but we don't always see the finished products right away so this was a great way for us to come and see everything on display. When we got there, Audrey was screaming her head off which is very unlike her. But oddly, so were all of the other babies! Her teacher said they were like that all day and I joked that it was because they could feel the hurricane coming. You know, like animals. Anyways, everyone calmed down as the parents started coming in, and Audrey hosted us on a tour of the building to see everyone's beautiful work. Instead of having wine and cheese as they would at an adult art exhibit, they had juice boxes and cheez-its for us. Isn't that fun?! Here are a few of Audrey's pieces:
Her teacher said this was her favorite one to make!

They said she really loves holding her paintbrush.

Little Duck

My Favorite!! Look at her little footprints!!! 

After we walked around the infant room for a bit, we moved on to the young toddlers' room (16-24 months) and were surprised to find that Audrey had art work in there, too. Apparently they've been putting her in there in the mornings from time to time when she doesn't want to take a morning nap. Her teacher mentioned to me last week that they want to start transitioning her in there full time since she is walking so well. That's exciting, but kind of sad because she will have a new teacher when she goes in there. I haven't talked to the new teacher yet, but I believe they are more structured in the new room, rather than lots of free play like they do in the baby room. Audrey currently has the attention span of a...well, a baby I suppose...and I'm not sure how she'll be in a structured environment. I guess we'll see! What this also means is that we are now moving from the bottle on to the sippy cup! Her teachers still sit down on the floor with her and feed her bottles to her, but in the new room they won't do that. We hadn't been using sippy cups at home since I'm still nursing, so it was a new experience when I packed her only two bottles and one sippy cup of milk last Thursday. She did really well, though! Her teacher said she drank the whole cup with no problems. Friday and today I sent her with two sippy cups and one bottle, so hopefully she doesn't throw a fit about missing the bottle. If she does well, I'm just planning to cut the bottles out completely. Oh my, our baby is turning into a toddler!

I forgot to take pictures of Audrey with her teachers at the art show- bummer! The teachers were all dressed up nice and seemed so excited to have all the parents coming through. I know how much they adore Audrey and how she loves them so I will try to take a picture of them all together soon.

Happy Tuesday! xo

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