Thursday, August 18, 2011

No More Ear Infections!

We had Audrey's follow up appointment for her ear infections on Monday. We received great news! She currently does not have an infection in either ear (this is the first time that her ears have ever been checked and not been infected since around 4 months) and also she scored much, much higher on her hearing test. I was surprised by that because when we did the hearing test last time they told me it wasn't too bad, and yet this time around they showed me her performance last time and it was well below the "normal" range. I suppose when they are dealing with babies and children with significant hearing loss, something like what Audrey was experiencing isn't that bad. The doctor told us that we'll see how the fall and winter goes and if we need to come back in to discuss her ears again, we can. Hopefully we won't have to.
First Ponytail

She is such a big girl!

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