Monday, August 1, 2011

Girls' Weekend

For a couple of years now, my good friend Kristie has been inviting me to come to one of her "Girls' Weekends" down in Hampton, VA, where she and her girlfriends enjoy a weekend of togetherness. I've never attended because I'm a lame-o, but I did find the inspiration to organize a Girls' Weekend with my own girlfriends. Well, I didn't organize it, but just suggested the idea and Ashley organized it! Ashley's parents have a house at Lake Anna (about 90 minutes from here) and they very generously allowed us to have the house for the weekend. It was a beautiful home, with a huge dock and tiki bar right on the water, plus a boat they let us use!

I headed down after work last Thursday and as soon as I was on the road I felt a peaceful calm come over me. I'd been having headaches for a few days that just wouldn't go away, plus nonstop stress with buying a house, and oh yeah, being a mom and wife(ish). Those last two things alone can make a woman NEED her girlfriends in a bad way! The girls kind of came and went over the course of the weekend, and all but two in our group were able to make it down at some point. We mostly spent the weekend chatting, relaxing, basking in the sun, water skiing (attempting), drinking, eating, crying, laughing, and catching up. It becomes so hard to do these things on a regular basis as we get older. Heck, three of us had a baby last year, and one more is pregnant now!

I got home on Sunday feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! Josh stayed home with Audrey while I was gone and made sure I didn't have to worry about a thing. He took her shopping, ran errands, swam and visited at Dad's, cooked her yummy dinners, and texted me pictures and videos the whole time. I love that he's such a good Dad and I didn't have to think twice about leaving Audrey with him all weekend. I know that sounds silly to say, but sadly there are men who wouldn't even know what to do!

We are planning another Girls Weekend in the winter after Ashley has her baby. Skiing next time? Apparently two of the lovely ladies have connections to a place in the mountains. No matter where we go, I think Girls Weekend will certainly be an annual event!

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