Monday, January 30, 2012

Fine Motor Skills

The other day, Audrey and I sat down at her little pink table to eat her afternoon snack of yogurt and berries. She has been practicing with her fork at meal times and was insisting that she feed herself the yogurt. I let her do it, even though it resulted in a yogurty mess all over her, the table, me, and the wall. Not a big deal, but I thought we could try some activities to work on her fine motor know, since I'm home with her now. :)

I pulled out some Q-Tips and an empty water bottle and we went to town. She doesn't struggle too much with getting them in the hole, so I am on the look out for a bottle (or something) with a smaller opening. I also need something heavier so I don't have to hold the bottle the whole time to prevent it from falling over. Maybe a wine bottle? Is it wrong to teach Audrey using an empty bottle of alcohol? I don't think so. Last year we were doing almost the same activity using wine corks and puffs containers. We also do it with corks and a wipes container. Ok, so I drink a lot of wine, whatever.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our new activity. After we did it the second time, Audrey clapped and signed "more" so we did it again! My favorite part of this is listening to her silent, steady breathing as she concentrates. 

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