Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Update!

I've been thinking lately about how much it sucks that I haven't kept up with blogging this year. Especially since it has been such a busy and fun year! So. I'm sitting down while JJ naps and Audrey's at school and trying to write a very quick update on the pregnancy! I only have 20 minutes and I still have to take a shower too.

In two days, I'll be 35 weeks pregnant! I had a check-up this past Friday, and, everything looks good and healthy as it should be. My weight gain has been really all over the place this time around. I've gained a total of 24 lbs but since I lost 8 in the beginning it is more like 16lbs. Regardless it looks like I'll end up 30lbs gain with this one depending on what this next month looks like in terms of eating! I will admit that my nutrition is not great...especially when it comes to eating meat. I find myself snacking throughout the day rather than eating meals like I probably should. About a month ago I discovered oatmeal smoothies and now I eat one every day. They fill me up for about 3 hours and contain more than half the protein I need in a day so I really am in love with them! I make them with oats, peanut butter, yogurt, milk, banana, and a dash of cocoa. Sometimes sprinkle granola on top. Mmmm. Its so much easier than making stovetop oatmeal in the morning and I don't have to actually sit down to eat it - which is crucial since the kids never let me actually sit and eat a meal peacefully.
I feel....not as great as I've felt in the past. I'm so tired! Always out of breath, could fall asleep at any moment, and I feel sssooo heavy. I need someone stand next to me and hold my belly for me because my back doesn't seem up to the task anymore. Carrying JJ around doesn't help either, but he needs it. He can walk (obviously) but he's much needier than Audrey was and he really wants to be close to us so I find myself holding him while cooking dinner, when we're out places...everywhere! The past week it has been especially hard on me so I don't know what I'll do for the next 5 weeks. This pregnancy is harder all around, but especially on my body. I have aches and pains that I haven't had before. Maybe because I'm older? Chasing 2 kids? Whatever it is, it is definitely taking a toll on me!

That brings me to...the date! The C-Section is scheduled for Friday, June 6. I'll be 39 weeks 3 days. Audrey's was at 40w exactly and JJ was 40w3 days so this will be my "earliest". Its bizarre to have a set date like this. I was so against scheduled deliveries because I love the anticipation of knowing that it could happen spontaneously and at any time, but this time around I kind of like it. I doubt the baby will come early since I've never experienced spontaneous labor with my other two, I would be surprised if it happened this time. Although...I look in the mirror and think it MUST happen early because where in the world am I going to put 5 more weeks of baby growth? I haven't measured my belly or anything, but its definitely much bigger than its been at this point with the others. People also love to point that out to me. I get the twins questions weekly. A month ago JJ's pediatrician said I must be ready to pop any day. NOPE BUT THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT.

Currently I think its a girl. I'm not sure what changed. The heart rate wives tale says boy (currently in the 120s, it was true for JJ and Audrey). I think I'm carrying more like I did with Audrey. This baby is ACTIVE - more active than the other two were for sure! Sometimes she gets in the most uncomfortable positions and I find myself laying down, standing up, rolling over..whatever it get her to move into a more comfortable spot.

We have names picked out if its a girl (still debating between two names) and if its a boy we are just out of luck. Nameless. There are so many good boy names out there but JOSH has a friend/relative/acquaintance with all of them. He's so difficult! Who knows what we'll end up with!

Now I have spend way more time than I wanted to on this...but I'm glad I updated for myself. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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