Sunday, July 27, 2014


So we are at the end of July. I came on to write some updates (like, umm...I had a baby!? Haven't written it down yet...) and realized that I have this post in my draft folder. Apparently I wrote it in May and forgot to publish it. So here you go...keep in mind it is more than two months old.

Some things about Audrey:
She has had a huuuuuge growth spurt over the past 5 months. Not physically necessarily, but emotionally and mentally. She has matured suddenly and sometimes it still takes me by surprise how "big" she is. She is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She talks about it all day long, makes me play Frozen (quote lines and act them out with her), sings the songs, and I bet she probably dreams about it in her sleep. It is cute and also kind of a nice break from her obsession with her Christmas house, which she still talks about, but not as much.

She's still saying cute and funny things every day, of course! Some recent ones that I've shared on facebook are:
On a rainy day: "Mama, Do you like jumpin in cuddles too?" and "Oh Dear, now I'm all soapin wet!"
As I came downstairs from getting dressed, and feeling particularly fat, ugly, and very pregnant, she said to me, "Mommy I love you so much. And, oh my! I just love how that dress looks on you!"
When asked why she was pouting: "Because my heart is frozen and only an act of true love can save me".
"Daddy, I can see your hair turnin white."
"Mama, you're my best friend I ever seen in the whole world. Would you like a cookie? It has chocolate in it!" Yes, I love chocolate! "Oh you do?! Well, I better get you two!"
Other than saying a million new things every day....Audrey has been keeping busy with school, gymnastics, and friends. She had her Mother's Day brunch at school on Friday so I took JJ to a friend's house and was able to spend some time one-on-one with Audrey. She gave me a potpourri bag with her hand prints, and a questionnaire that she completed all about me.
Her favorite thing right now is puzzles. She has I think 6 or 7 that she does over and over again. Some are more challenging than others and I love to sit back and watch her calculate in her mind what she sees on the puzzle piece and move it around to see where it could go. I plan to go up to the consignment shop pretty soon and pick her up some new ones. She also likes to play games and there are a few I've read about that I think she would really enjoy that I plan to get for her.

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