Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby Nathaniel

I'm only a wee little bit behind on the blog, huh? Some big things have happened since I've been away.

Our sweet baby BOY Nathaniel was born Wednesday, June 4 2014 at 2:44pm. He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 20.5" long. He was a week early! Let me back up a bit....

The Sunday before he was born, my aunt Cheryle took Audrey and JJ out for the day so that I could work on cleaning and organizing before the C - Section that was scheduled for Friday. I worked my butt off for 6 hours cleaning every nook and cranny upstairs and down and when the day was over I was exhausted. I started having very light contractions the next day, and by Tuesday afternoon they were timeable and were coming every 20 minutes or so. I called my doctor and they said that if the contractions became more intense and closer than 15 minutes together, that I should head to the hospital for my repeat C-Section. The contractions did get closer over night but I decided to wait until the following day to go in. So Wednesday morning we dropped Audrey off at school and JJ off at my dad's, and headed to the hospital. I was surprised when we got to the hospital though. They put me on the contraction monitor and after a bit determined that because I wasn't in active labor (my contractions were about 10 mins apart) that they weren't going to do the C-Section at that time. I did NOT like that! I didn't want to go home and endure who knows how long of contractions, only to be back again the next day and get the same end result - a c-section. If they were going to let me be in labor, then couldn't I have just done a VBAC. A VBAC wasn't actually what I wanted after my last experience, but their logic wasn't making sense to me. After some back and forth, I told the doctor I wasn't leaving without a baby in my arms (haha!) and she agreed to do the section after office hours that day. So Josh left to grab a bite to eat and I tried to relax...and a half hour later my doc walked in and said lets do this! Suddenly everyone was scurrying around and I was signing paperwork while calling Josh to get his butt back to the hospital quick!

Thirty minutes later we were listening to the first wails of our newest baby boy! Neither of us were surprised it was a boy, but still we didn't have a name! We just couldn't agree on anything, and so he was "Baby Boy Falcon" for the first 24 hours of life. Nathan was a name I liked a lot but Josh felt it was too common and wanted something a little stronger and more "dignified", as he put it, and that is how we came to Nathaniel. Everyone has asked about nicknames. I call him Nathaniel most of the time and Josh calls him Thane. Audrey calls him both. You can call him whatever you like!

He is a good baby. He's a great eater and he sleeps about as much as most newborns sleep. He's smiling and engaging with us and making those little baby coo's. He doesn't like to sit by himself much (can't blame him!) so I really am holding him or wearing him in the carrier a lot. He HATES the car seat which makes it hard to run errands or go anywhere. Not only does he cry in the car during the ride, but he also will cry the whole time we are in the store. I think I'm going to start wearing him in the carrier when I'm out, otherwise we'd never leave the house!

He LOVES to be outside. Whenever he's fussy or having a hard time falling asleep, I'll take him outside for a few minutes and almost immediately he's relaxed and drifting off. I even have been taking his rocking seat outside with us sometimes so he can sleep in the fresh air while the kids and I play in the yard. I don't know if its the sounds of nature or the warm breeze, but whatever it is - he likes it. And it makes me really love having a summer baby!
This little boy has been such a blessing on our family. The kids adore him, and we finally feel Complete!

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