Thursday, April 28, 2011


Audrey's first Easter was a great one! We woke up bright and early and did the Easter basket.
It was filled with many books...and some bunny ears and bubbles. We kept it pretty simple, everything was from the $1 bins at Target. Maybe as she gets older we'll get more into it, but for now she got just enough stuff.
Which one should I read first?
Haven't seen these two in a while...

After we were done with baskets and breakfast, we packed up the baby and the dog and headed to Maryland to visit with family. The weather was absolutely perfect! Josh, Audrey, and I hid Easter eggs for the kids. Matthew and Cristina loved it, but Ian wasn't interested at all, and Audrey of course spent the whole hunt being a model for photos. 

We ate lots of yummy food, opened Easter baskets, played, chatted, and had a great time. We are already excited for the next family function. We need to do these more often. 

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