Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Up

Audrey moved into her "big" car seat over the weekend. Her infant seat only goes up to 27 inches long and 22 pounds, so she was right at the height limit for a couple of weeks now. I ordered her the Britax convertible car seat that goes up to 55 pounds, so she should be in this seat for a few years, at least. Initially I ordered one seat, but then realized that since this seat isn't easily transferred car to car, we really need two since Josh takes Audrey to and from day care and then she's in my car any other time. It fits nicely in both of our cars, and Audrey looks so snug!

Look at how little she was way back in October when she was just two weeks old:
Look at those skinny little legs!!! I didn't take a picture of her in her seat before it was packed up, but her toes were sticking off the edges. Here she is in her new big girl seat:
She likes it, I think! It is much more spacious on the sides and she is more upright in this than she was in the infant seat. The one thing I do not like is that I can't just carry her around in her seat like I used to. When she falls asleep in the car, I have to wake her and carry her inside. Today we went too see some houses, and about 15 minutes before we left she started to get sleepy-fussy. Before, I would have just put her in her seat to fall asleep and then I'd put her in the car when we left. Not anymore. Ugh! She really is growing up. 

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  1. I know the feeling! I hate waking Landon up right after he falls asleep on a five-minute car trip!