Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

That's her motto right now! Audrey is trying desperately to crawl. About two weeks ago when my mom was here visiting, Audrey suddenly pulled her legs up underneath her torso and pushed off with her arms (umm, wrong limbs honey!) and went backwards. Mom said this was "one step forward and two steps back!". Isn't that how it goes sometimes? Now she is doing the backwards crawl nonstop until she backs herself into a corner or under furniture, as she did at my dad's house this weekend. She has also managed to get into the "bridge" position and hold her body up and rock back and forth for a short while before she pushes herself backwards again. This must be incredibly frustrating, but she doesn't act like it. Usually she seems more surprised than anything else. It is becoming a hassle at bedtime because she no longer wants to sleep on her back, but when she's on her tummy she can't help but try to crawl. I have read that this is common when they are mastering a new skill such as sitting up or crawling, that they'll "practice" in their sleep. She used to go down at night without any problems. Now she is having a harder time falling asleep, but she is staying asleep better once she does fall asleep. Although, her sleep is more restless - she kicks and squirms trying to get comfy in her sleep, especially if she rolls onto her back. This apparently is no longer comfortable for her.

I've tried to take so many videos of her attempting to crawl, but like always, she gets stage fright whenever the camera comes out. Here is a preview:

I hope that she'll master this skill soon, even though it means my baby is moving towards toddlerhood sooner and sooner.

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