Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Audrey Falcon

Last night I went to bed early and laid with Audrey while I watched a bit of tv before sleep. I saw this commercial that made me cry, but also inspired me.

Tell me that does not make you cry. Seriously. And how cute is that little baby?! Anyways, I decided to copy the idea (as I do with most ideas I like), so today I started Audrey an email address and wrote her my first email. It was cheesy. It was lame. I hope one day she doesn't think it is cheesy and lame (even though it truly was). It is hard not to get all gushy and sappy. I'm a sensitive mama, ok?? I hope the internet and google and email are still around in 20 years so she can read the letters I write. I hope that with her own private email address, I can be a bit more candid and open than I am on the blog, which is public for anyone to read.

So for anyone that would like to write Audrey a letter (assuming you know Audrey, of course), you can send it to I promise not to open and read any emails. :)


  1. I love the video idea!! I thought about doing that, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with my blog...does that make me a bad parent? :(

  2. That's awesome! I love that commercial - it makes me tear up every time. So glad you are "stealing" the idea.

  3. I totally love this commercial, and have been wanting to do that! I am also stealing your idea. I can email him from work or my phone, it will much easier than a blog! (Which I will also still do).

    Love you! And love that amazing daughter of yours! xoxoxo

  4. Yes, It made me cry, haven't seen it before. Wonderful idea. I will write her soon. Of course you are sappy and mushy, you are a mommy now, comes with the territory. Someday she will love it.