Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Done!

Oh, my sweet baby girl. She is so smart!

We do baby sign language with her, but not consistently other than a few specific signs. We always do "more" and now she signs more throughout dinner when she wants more on her plate, and this has also been her sign for when she is hungry. In the mornings she hangs out with Josh in the kitchen while I shower, and it is so cute when she walks around tapping her fingers together to say that she is hungry (umm...maybe that is not as cute as it is sad that she has to tell us she's hungry...). We also do "milk" and "drink" a lot, but she doesn't do that sign back to us probably because it is confusing to have different words for the same thing. Anyways....

Another sign we consistently do is "all done". Are you seeing a theme here? These are all meal time signs. It is so frustrating at meal time to not know why exactly she is fussing or kicking or whining. It has gotten easier since she started signing back to us. She started doing her version of "all done" just a few days ago, but she's actually been saying the words for a couple of weeks. I would say "Audrey are you all done or do you want more?" and do those signs while speaking, and she would say which she wants. The way she says all done is so cute. Her version of the sign is to throw her arms up in the air and say "Ah! Duhhh". She did this while Josh and I were talking over dinner the other night and I almost didn't catch it because I'm so used to asking her first. But luckily I DID catch it and I almost jumped out of my seat out of excitement! Since then she has done it at every meal! Now its been about a week and she doesn't do the sign as much as she just says, "Ah! Duhh!" when she's finished. Then we clean her up and she gets down! Such a big girl!

Another new thing is that I am waiting for her to come to the table at dinner time, as opposed to walking to her and scooping her up and putting her in the high chair. I ask her if she is hungry and is ready to eat, and she runs over to her high chair and puts her arms up! I love it. She is becoming so independent, and more every day.


  1. aww!!! Sounds adorable! You should catch it on video if you can :). We have been working with Landon on saying "I love you." Most of the time he just tries to give a kiss, but yesterday in the car, I was just saying it over and over again, and he goes "lub duh" like four times in a row. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to get me to be quiet though, so he could hear his favorite song!

  2. Marci I know I need to get it on video! I am trying, but she always gets stage fright when I pull out the camera. That is so cute that he is starting to say I Love You! I can't wait to hear those words.