Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Bathroom

This post is long overdue. The bathroom was completed before we moved into the new house, which was about a month ago. Originally, we were going to DIY the bathroom. Rather, Josh was going to DIY it. That plan was scrapped pretty quickly when we realized that we just simply did not have the time to do it ourselves since we wanted to move by a certain date. So we turned to our very good friend Paul to do the bathroom for us. As you can see from the before photo, the bathroom wasn't THAT bad at first glance. That's actually a common theme with this new house. At first glance its pretty decent! But upon closer inspection, lots and lots of issues come up.

A few of those issues:
1. The bathroom door opened the wrong way. The toilet is on the right of the bathroom when you walk in, but the door latched on the left and swung to the right. So when you swung the door open, it hit the toilet, plus it couldn't open all the way. Why would someone put the door on backwards? Well, that leads us to..
2. The light switch was on the left wall. So if we rebuilt the door frame to open to the left, you would have to walk in and close the door before you could turn on the light.
3. The pipes were leaking and needed to be replaced in the bathtub. The shower never actually turned all the way off, it was always dripping. The tub was also gross and dingy. The toilet needed to be replaced. I will spare you that photo.
4. Nothing matched. The walls were had a very odd spongy thing going on, some fixtures were a gold color, some were chrome colored. Plus there was wood. We are not fans of wood in the bathroom.
5. The tile work was sloppy. Stuff didn't match, didn't line up right, bad grout, just sloppy work. Plus, we didn't really care for the design and style of it all. Removing tile is hard work, and we figured if we are doing that, we might as well bring the walls down to the beams and start fresh. But then when the walls came down, we noticed...
6. The beams had mold. A few beams were even rotting.
YES I know I need to iron the shower curtain.

Those were the biggest issues with the bathroom, but there were a few other not so big things. Luckily, they were all able to be corrected once we got the walls out. Paul replaced the rotting beams and treated the moldy ones. We had our electrician rewire the bathroom and put the light switch on the right side of the wall. Paul rebuilt the door frame so it swings to the left and can open all the way. Woohoo! Josh picked out some very pretty dark colored fixtures, and they chose some gorgeous earth toned glass tiles to line the shower. We chose a smaller vanity so that we could have more space in the bathroom. We have less storage, but more space on the floor for when we are giving Audrey a bath. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS. It is so much better being able to have almost the entire length of the tub and not bumping into anything while I am sitting on the floor while she bathes. Er...when Josh is sitting on the floor. haha. He's on bath duty usually.

The boys picked a light colored tile for the floor and shower so I think the dark fixtures and glass tiles really compliment that tile and none of them steal the show. I picked out the dark paint and I love the clean look of it against the very white trim. I found some good deals at Home Goods on a shower curtain and towels and I think they all look great together! Every time I walk into my bathroom I feel happy and warm and cozy.
Please excuse the missing towels. In the laundry!

The only thing left to do in here is frost the window. Josh insists that it's fine how it is, but I hate it. Every time I take a shower I feel like there are major creepies that could be watching! Frosting a window is pretty straight forward and simple, and I can get the materials at Home Depot for around $20. Hopefully by the weekend I will have this done.

There you have it. The bathroom. In the past two weeks we have painted the living room, Josh installed trim on three windows and the sliding glass door (and painted it all), painted the kitchen, painted the hallway, and started work on the playroom. Those posts will hopefully be coming soon.

Here's Audrey just because she's cute.


  1. Way to go! The new bathroom looks great, even without the towels. :) And kudos to you for ironing the shower curtain. I would NEVER do that! Hehe.

    And Miss Audrey is adorable as always. Landon loves that book that she is almost sitting on!