Monday, November 21, 2011


The last time I upgraded my phone it was 2006. Back then it was cool if you had a keyboard, and very cool if it could play music. I've resisted upgrading because everything now is a smart phone and requires a data package which costs money. You know how cheap I am. Very cheap. I couldn't really justify spending $30 per month for internet on my phone when I am already on the internet all day at work and I already pay to have internet on my laptop at home. That's a lot of internet and who needs that much access?? Well, I broke down. This weekend Audrey and I drove to Virginia Beach for our cousin Zach's birthday and I decided to pull off on an exit when we hit traffic so we could grab lunch. Thirty minutes later I had a screaming baby, didn't know how to get back to the highway, and still hadn't found a place to eat. Then it hit me. Josh was right (he always is). I need a smart phone. I need the GPS. Ok, I don't NEED it, but it would surely make life a little bit easier. 

So on Wednesday I ordered my iPhone4 from Verizon and went on Amazon and snagged the best rated case I could find (for $25 cheaper than Verizon was selling it, too!). This case is maximum baby proofed. At least that's what I hope because the phone feels super delicate. The camera is so awesome. It takes really good and clear pictures and has a bunch of editing features to make the picture look all cool and artsy. See what I mean?

So one of the best things is that I can update my blog straight from my phone. That means maybe more posting! Or maybe not because I'm still not sure how much I will feel like typing on that small keyboard. But at least I can just upload pictures straight from my phone now! And who doesn't want more pictures?


  1. Woohoo! Are you using the instagram app for your pictures?